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SOULWALA® is happy to announce the launch ofthe Version 1.0 of Colornostics, a Mobile App!

Colornostics is a Mobile app for self-discovery through the deeper meaning of color in your life. This incredible app uses a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Psychology of Color. Colornostics will help you understand what is preventing you from finding solutions and implementing your progress. This App has been authored by two amazing human beings Thelma Vander Werff and Mary Ashby-Green. Team SOULWALA® has spearheaded the incorporation of their scientific knowledge with modern technology to bring to you a Personal Problem Processor.

It is designed to help you:
- Find balance by enabling you to
articulate your concerns, find
your blocks and overcome the

- Empowers you to move past the
barriers towards freedom,

confidence, and light-
heartedness - Solve problems and

change your mentality
- Improve your performance by
using your choices of colors with
the precision of NPL
Please click HERE to see Thelma
and Mary's introduction to the

Testimonial from a Colornostics User

Stay tuned to read more testimonials in the next newsletter.

In this App, you will find support for your journey:

It offers you several tools which assist you in your journey to self-
discovery. Inside the app you can access and find:

- Colornostics process
- Mindset of the Day

- Quick Fix Problem Solver
- Your Color Analysis

Available Now!

Join Our FAMILY! 

Please download and subscribe to the App now!

Find more information about the App on the website and use the App today.

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Click HERE for the overview to Colornostics,
a Mobile App.

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